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Assistance and Advocacy for Crime Victims


What do V W A's do?

List of V W A's in Maine

Criminal Justice Information

Juvenile Justice Information

Domestic Violence

Child Physical / Sexual Abuse

Sexual Assault


Identity Theft & Fraud

Victim's Rights

Victim Compensation and Restitution Information

Witness Guidelines


US Attorney Victim Witness Program

Maine Department of Corrections

Maine Victim's Compensation Program

Maine Sex Offender Registry

Multicultural Resource Guide: a listing of specialty service providers for Maine's racial, ethnic and language minority communities

WomensLaw.org: features  links to Maine domestic violence resources

What do V W A's do?
  • Provide crime victims the status of the case in which they are involved.
  • Enforce the rights of crime victims.
  • Assist crime victims in applying for victim compensation benefits.
  • Notify crime victims of court hearings.
  • Provide support during preparation for court hearings.
  • Accompany crime victims to court hearings.
  • Assist crime victims in writing victim impact statements.
  • Educate crime victims regarding criminal justice process.
  • Refer crime victims to community resources.
  • Inform the prosecutor and the court of victim impact information..
  • Assist crime victims in the return of property and restitution.
  • Assist crime victims in filing requests for notification of the offender's release from incarceration.
Last Modified: June 13, 2007