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Throughout the United States, victims of crime are beginning to find out that the "criminal justice system" does care about their losses and suffering. The needs of witnesses, too, are being addressed in recognition of the stress, inconvenience, and financial losses that people who observe crimes often experience.

Victim Witness Advocates work within the criminal justice system to provide support to crime victims in dealing with the inconvenience and anxiety of going to court and understanding the often confusing procedures of the criminal justice process.

If you wish to receive all the services to which you are entitled as a crime victim you must contact the Victim Witness Advocate in your area AND keep them informed of your current address and phone number.

Our Mission

In accordance with the Federal Victim/Witness Protection Act of l982 governmental Victim/Witness Programs in Maine have been developed to:

  • enhance and protect the necessary role of crime victims and witnesses in the criminal justice process and

  • to ensure that the government does all that is possible within limits of available   resources to assist victims and witnesses of crime without infringing on the constitutional rights of defendants.

IN MAINE LAW…..T30-A Section 460 Victim and Witness Support

Each county is encouraged to establish a victim and witness support program to assist the victims and witnesses of criminal offenses in the prosecution of those offenses. Each county is further encouraged to hire, train and provide support staff to a qualified person or persons to carry out the victim and witness support program. The district attorney for the prosecutorial district in which the county is located shall administer any program established under this section.


Last Modified: June 13, 2007